No UP Splash Screen and can't access BIOS

alyssiarosealyssiarose New Member Posts: 1

I've installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my UP board and installed and configured RDP. Since then the splash screen hasn't been showing up nor can I see the BIOS. I know it's still there because I can press F7 to get in to boot menu and select a bootable USB (only because I know how many times to press the down arrow).
I've tried reinstalling Ubuntu and that hasn't worked, as well as unplugging the CMOS battery for about 2 minutes (just in case!)
Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 880 admin

    I don't think that RDP can change the board behavior, so it is really strange what you are describing.

    About RDP setup, can you please provide your setup (hardware and software) and RDP setup and configuration so we can try to replicate the behavior?

    Can you access the BIOS menu (not the boot menu) pressing delete? can you navigate and use it normally?

    In case something else caused the BIOS screen/menu to stop showing, you can try to update/reflash your BIOS in case it got corrupted for any other reasons.

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