LPC bus degradation issue -- symptoms if I don't update BIOS?

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(I cross posted in the BIOS forum too: https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/4164/lpc-bus-degradation-issue-symptoms-if-i-dont-update-bios#latest )

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Hi there!

I bought a few Up2 boards last year, and they have been running solid with Centos running in command line/non-GUI for half a year. However a few months ago, one by one they started having symptoms of locking up randomly, every few days/weeks -- no video signal, ethernet lights blinking but not responding, blue power light on.

I just read that Bios v3.0 fixes the LPC bus degradation issue (https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/3900/intel-bug-for-alla-cpu-intel-cele4ron-n3350-j3355-j3455-e-pentium-n4200). My Up2's are only on BIOS v 2.1 (without the fix). Could this be related? Does the LPC bus degradation issue cause system crash/freeze?

I will surely install the BIOS patch now, but did I already cause permanent damage to the CPU/LPC/system?

Your insight is greatly appreciated.


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