Cannot boot UP2 board. Missing harddrive?


My UP squared board suddenly stopped booting and now boots directly into BIOS. This has happened one time earlier, and I then solved it by doing a reinstall from a backup image I had made using clonezilla. We are using this board in one of out products and now had to change it with a spare board we had.

I have seen other people reporting similar issues:

Can someone please answer some questions as I don't see them answered anywhere yet.
1. Have you found out what the issues were on the returned boards that reported the same issues?
2. Is this related to a malfunction in this specific board or can we expect this to happen on other boards we use?

The BIOS does not seem to recognize any harddrive on the board, and that is probably the reason for it not booting. When I booted "gparted" from a USB however, the harddrive seemed to be intact.

We have noe built our prototype for this specific board and are relying on it to be stable as we do not have physical access to it once it's deployed. We need some answers on the background of this issue and if this is a "one time" occurrence or a software/hardware bug that may haunt us in the future.


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hi @eas

    From the screenshot provided you are running a really old BIOS revision and and unsupported linux distribution.

    With the combination you provided, I cannot confirm the stability of the system over time as it is not a validated distribution nor kernel.

    Also the procedure you are using to mount the root filesystem is not correct as the partition storing root is mmcblk0p2

    The issue seems to be related to the loss of the EFI configuration for the OS boot.

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