[SOLVED] BIOS Upgrade. Windows 10

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Hello, I would like to know how to upgrade the BIOS. Some links are broken and, when entering into the currect BIOS, I can't see any option for EFI update or others.
UP is running on W10 Pro. Thank you


  • DCleri
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    What UP Board do you have exactly?

    Have you downloaded the right BIOS for your board and added to a USB stick, booting from there as described in the wiki?

  • aivision
    aivision New Member Posts: 12
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    I followed the procedure as described. First I'd got an error as "Error: Secure Flash function is not supported on this file".
    However, following this workaround post, I saw that BIOS v17 is not compatible and I installed v15 successfully.
    After that, when I try to install the current drivers from the download area, an error as "The requested operation failed, A system reboot is required to roll back changes made" lets the installation fail.
    Before posting the error log that is generated, I would like to know if the current drivers are compatible with BIOS v15.
    I have several UPs, but the one that I use here is a 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC and probably it is one of the first that I purchased a couple of years or more ago.

    Update: I solved it following this post. The key is to remove spaces of the folder name.
    Thanks @DCleri and UpCommunity!

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