My UP Core doesn't boot-ubilinux

Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
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New Up core board arrived this morning, battery and heatsink already attached,
1st thoughts are, Its very cute

I notice in the step by step guide sheet, that I have to check the sink and battery are all ok, check
Step 2
go to the the and get software......ah Huston ....problem...etc

Where are the OS's?

I had assumed there'd be something on the eMMC but applying power gives no response, no screen no LED's....

so...what's the procedure?


  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    to follow up, I put Ubilunux on a USB, and followed Step 3...but get no output at all to the screen?
  • DavideDavide New Member Posts: 11
    You need to get it to boot like any computer. Once you get the screen correctly connected, power and everything, and only once you can access the bios, then you can install an OS
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    yeah I do know what I'm doing, its correctly hooked up and I bought an Up power unit as I know my Up2 was a bit fussy over power.

    But it does seem this is DOA, nothing going to the screen at all, no indication of a boot.
  • DavideDavide New Member Posts: 11
    Check the voltage with a multimeter, also check it doesn't drop when you power it on
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    I don't have a multimeter to hand..but I think you're rather missing the point.

    My new UpCore board with my new Up supplied power system.... is showing no signs of life. I followed the steps provided even though I know what I'm doing with SBC's, (I have 30 or so) and it does not boot. I am hoping that its a DOA issue, because a lot of people are getting these boards delivered right now and if there is something causing them not to boot, or to appear not to boot, there may be a lot of confused people.

    I'm also frankly a little surprised that no one from Up has actually offered a suggestion.. This is where hundreds of new owners are going to be looking in the next few days, you guys should be on top of questions like this,.
  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 556 admin
    @Brian, Can you check if the blue LED is on ? Can you unplug the RTC battery for 30 sec and put it back? It is very unlikely to be DOA. If you really can not get it running, please contact [email protected] to arrange DOA. Of course, there is a potential cost if NTF.
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    No life at all on the board, no LED's and no signal to the screen. I will try that battery unplug and let you know shortly. I have a LED on the Up 4A Power unit, so am confident juice is going into it.
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35
    edited December 2017
    Removing the battery did the trick, the UpCore now boots to Ubilinux from the eMMC , I don't see any blue LED on it though?
    I now have it up and running and will start to fiddle about
  • Brian BeukenBrian Beuken New Member Posts: 35

    well it works, but its painfully slow, seems to only have 1 core working, and it is currently lacking drivers for OpenGL/GLES

    I have an Up^2 board which uses the same OS and despite it being a dual core celeron, its outperforms this UpCore board in every way....

    so far very unimpressed, will wait to see if a new version of the OS cures the issue.

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