Problem with Ubilinux OS with the 10.1" LCD Panel and UP Board

Atul Vaze
Atul Vaze New Member Posts: 5
Recently I have purchased 10.1" LCD Touch Panel and UP Board with 2GB Memory /16GB eMMC storage.

Following the instructions from "KIT-101JDHX30BP1U1 Assembly Guide Rev01.pdf" I have assembled the LCD Touch Screen with UP Board.
I connected the HDMI monitor and after power on -> BIOS Settings->Chipset->North Bridge-> Panel ->Enabled.
Selected the resolution as 1280x800
Saved the settings and then LCD started working.

I have downloaded the Ubilinux ISO Image and tried to install on UP Board.
( I have downloaded the image for UP Board community-downloads "ubilinux-3.0.iso"
After the installation was complete and system was re-started it was booting and was stuck as shown in the images attached.

After this I disconnected the LCD Touch Panel from UP Board.
I connected the HDMI monitor.
Then I again entered the BIOS settings and disabled Panel mode.
The system was booted properly without any issue.

This shows there is a issue when Panel is enabled and LCD Touch Panel is connected
Can you help me to resolve this issue?
Do you need any other information?

Best Regards,
Atul Vaze
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