FreeBSD 11 / pfSense 2.4.x

Hrvoje New Member Posts: 2
Since FreeBSD 11 will (should) work i assume that pfSense 2.4.x (which will be based on FreeBSD 11) will work also.

Did anyone try an 2.4.0 Alpha release:


  • Hrvoje
    Hrvoje New Member Posts: 2
    This question will be more interesting when UP 2 (UP Squared) board came to life, since we will then have a great platform for Firewall/Router/IDS/IPS/Proxy/Load Balancer/etc (using pfSense primary) which can be in low price margin for SOHO.
  • Chrit
    Chrit New Member Posts: 3
    I got in the boot menu of pfsense. But during the boot i got errors. I expect this to work when gets out of beta.
  • Chrit
    Chrit New Member Posts: 3
    I got into the boot menu of pfsense. The install was not successful. But this is still in ear lie phase of development. So i look forward to release of pfsense 2.4 and expect it to work in the near future.
  • Andy Nicholson
    Andy Nicholson New Member Posts: 61
    I got to the boot menu on my UP2 but things went weird, I've just sent my board back as I think it was faulty though :(

    But what about running an ESXi hypervisor on the board, then creating a "regular non-uefi" machine for pfSense running over the top with both the NICs as passthrough hardware, I don't see why this wouldn't work, pfSense is a pretty light footprint. Then run Photon alongside and you've got a pretty sweet router/firewall/docker machine :)

    Even with the 2Gb RAM units it might be possible with this hack -

    I'm going to test this when my unit comes back.
  • Stino
    Stino New Member Posts: 7
    The purpose for which I would the Up2 board was to run it as a headless PFSense Firewall.

    I have this running using the 2.4.0-BETA (amd64) image.

    Unplugging the UTP cables makes the Up2 crash, which I have read might be due to some Reaal chipset/FreeBSD issues. But since I'm not connecting any host devices to it just an NTE and a LAN switch, this is not an issue for me.

    Boot-up time is long due to PCI bus error messages, also a known FreeBSD problem, but it eventually does boot.

    Otherwise it doesn't seem not break a sweat running a VPN at 75Mb up/down and Squid, Snort etc.., so I'm happy.
  • Mark Bradley
    Mark Bradley New Member Posts: 6
    I assume you were not able to get it to recognize the eMMC? I keep getting a PCI scan timeout at noted elsewhere. Sure, I can ignore it but then it cannot find the eMMC.

    Did you have different success?