Support for wiringPI

Korneliusz New Member Posts: 24

Do you plan to support wiringPi? Up board is trying to be consistent with the Raspberry Pi. I think it would be good to have these libraries on Up Board, because lot of software use them. For example, HK support wiringPi ( for ODROID SBC family.


  • Kurt
    Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭
    My guess is it would not be hard to port. Note: I have only used this a little bit on my Odroids (C1, C2, Xu3 lite, XU4)

    For example I am able to git clone their project. Was able to cd to the build directory and do: sudo make install
    And it completed.
    If I then go to gpio directory, it does run, but needs fine tuning. For example if you do:
    gpio i2cd

    It will error out saying:
    kurt@kurt-UP-CHT01:~/wiringPi/gpio$ gpio i2cd
    piBoardRev: Unable to determine board revision from /proc/cpuinfo
     -> No "Revision" line
     ->  You may want to check:
    May play with this later.... May need to fork it.
  • Korneliusz
    Korneliusz New Member Posts: 24
    edited October 2016
    I look source on both - original wirinigPi and changes into ODROID branch.

    Mapping pins would be easy, but i'm worried about set clocks, registers and pwm modes.

    If you want I will try help / co-operate. Right now i'm working on add DSI/LCD support to Linux Kernel
  • odro
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    Long shot, but did you guys get any progress (or start a fork) getting wiringPi to work on Up boards?

    I'm hoping to connect up the Matrix Voice board, but it's got a dependency on a working wiringPi

    I'd gotten past the error Kurt provided by disabling the various checks in WiringPi's source, but I ended up with a mmap error, mmap (GPIO) operation not permitted

  • Kurt
    Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭

    Sorry No,

    I have not looked at it since then. I have not been playing with the IO pins on the UP for awhile now. May get back to it soon, as I may change out the RPI3 in my turtlebot 3 waffle PI, with the UP board and Intel camera... But will probably continue using MRAA instead of wiring pi

  • odro
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    Thanks @Kurt - I've managed to bodge a version of wiringPi from source to work with the correct pin mappings etc, at least for general GPIO. Not sure how I test SPI particularly, but I've adjusted it to /dev/spidev1.0 etc and it seems to be happy enough.

  • ccalde
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    Hi @odro,

    Is that discussion closed? Cloud we define it as RESOLVED? Something like that: [RESOLVED] Support for wiringPI