USB dongle-Wifi Driver Ubuntu 16.04 (UP board)

Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭
edited December 2017 in Peripherals
Are there updated wifi drivers for the wifi USB adapter( RTL8192CU ) I purchased with the UP. I see in some other threads that there are some patched drivers for some other linux versions, but wonder if there is a preferred driver for Ubuntu 16.04. I believe I am getting some major drop offs with current stuff, currently have Ethernet cable plugged in.

I know that there have been issues in the past with some of these adapters, like I believe some of the Edimax adapters did not work well with some of my Odroids... Wonder if I should instead try one of the Odroid Wifi adapters, like either the Wifi Module 3 ( Realtek RTL8188CUS-GR ), or 4 ( Mediatek (Ralink) RT5572N ) or 0 (Mediatek Ralink RT5370N )



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