7" touchscreen case compatibility

Joost Boere
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I didn't realise the 7" touchscreen needs some assembly and a case. Is it compatible with cases like this one? https://www.sossolutions.nl/7-touchscreen-sos-standaard-doorzichtig. The manufacturers website is down by the way, so I can't check there: www.futurelabs.asia.


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    Hi Milmoor,
    From sossolution website, I can't see the size of the case. Normally we say 7" is the size of active area, every panel has different non-active area in the edge frame, so it is difficult to say. Here you can find more information about dimension of 7" display. You will need to find a case to fit this dimension. Thanks!
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