No HDMI output after monitor power cycle

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Currently using Arch Linux & mainline 4.6 kernel. I could try one of the official prebuilt images, but I'm not sure if this is fixed by the patches.

My problem is, I've connected UP to a TV and it works as long as the TV is on, but if I turn off the TV, the HDMI signal is lost. I can jump to VT with ctrl-alt-f2 and get to the text mode and the picture comes back. Going back to X (ctrl-alt-f1) turns the screen again blank. There's no screensaver active. It's just dead. The same happens if I go to VT2 and shut down the TV, when I restart, VT2 is blank, but I can get back to X with a picture fully working. Restarting X or rebooting the machine resets the HDMI and it works again. Also if I connect UP to the TV via a receiver , switching the input from the receiver causes the HDMI output to disappear when switching back to UP. The receiver says 'no video input'. This is really annoying.

Any suggestions what I could do?


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 592 admin
    Hi Miasma,

    With ubilinux v3.0 with 4.4 Linux Kernel we cannot experience this issue on the TVs we tested (LG and Samsung mainly).
    I would suggest you to try first the official distribution and see what happens.
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