Missing UP-board screw mounting information

Henk Ringersma
Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
This UP board is very small, I love it, but mounting inside a case without cables sticking out is hard.
Can you please provide information (e.g. at the document section of this website) about the existing screwholes in the bottom baseplate / heatsing of the UP board.
Please provide the template with the measurements between the screwholes as well as the screw-thread to be used.

Thanks in advance


  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    As an alternative you guys might add a mounting frame to be sold at your webshop :cheer:
    Something like the (fake) pic below? similar as an 2.5" SSD frame into which the UP-board can be mounted?

  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio Guest Posts: 123
    Hi Henk

    we are going to offer soon a metal housing that permits fanless operations until 50 degrees of environmental temperature and VESA 75 and 100.
    we hope to be ready in September

    In the meantime you could print the plastic housing that we published on the community.

  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    I can understand you like to sell cases through your webshop (we are all doing business here) :)
    Does the new metal housing have room for an additional 2.5" harddisk drive to be included inside the box?

    I use the UP board now as my NAS without a screen, keyboard and mouse. It will be tucked away out of sight too.
    A few small openings for airflow are definitely needed . And even a little fan I would not mind as the board is getting hot.
    The current board is hard to mount, therefore my request.
  • Nic
    Nic New Member Posts: 8
    Any progress about the screw sizes and mounting info?
    Am I right, that these small 4 screwholes (marked with arrows on pictures) have a metric thread M2.5?

    Best regards,
  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    Yes, metric 2.5mm is what i used too
  • Maurice Heskett
    Maurice Heskett New Member Posts: 2
    HenkR, I'm with you on your quest for info as to where to drill the holes to mount this board. Sure, it would be easy if it was a square pattern as my cnc mill could do that in 10 minute, 7 of them in figuring out how to clamp the cabinet plate to the mills table, with a bit of sacrificial plywood under it. So please, a link to the plate drawings so that those of us with the machining tools can do a quasi-neat job. Thank you if that can be arranged.
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