UP4000 40-pin UART in Windows

iwan_nadapdap New Member Posts: 1

Hi all,
New comer here, and I want to use the UP4000 to replace Raspberry Pi and use Windows OS.
The COM1, the serial port in 40-pin doesn't work.
I've searched the forum and I cannot find a working solution. I tried this Python code, but it doesn't work. https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/4774/uart-port-works-on-windows-10-using-minicom-device-monitoring-studio-etc-but-not-on-putty

I've also tried additional USB to serial port module, recognize as COM7 and it works well. I can received and send data.

I understand that there's a CPLD (Altara/Intel) that controls the HAT connector.
Is there any additional step that I need to do to make this work?