Bricked after BIOS update


My Up Squared board has been working fine since the original kickstarter program and until recently I was on 24/7. Thought I'd update it to the latest BIOS and repurpose the unit so just went through the process of upgrading through the versions upto 6.1.
Now the unit wont boot following the last update. The power light was flashing so I read through other posts to check for a resolution, 1 post recommended unplugging the backup battery which has now led to the unit doing nothing.
I am assunimg the up squared is now bricked and useless? Am I able to reprogram the unit?
I am well aware that its likely well out of warranty so hoping to get a life line here.
Is there an RMA process I can follow to get the unit reprogrammed to restore functionality?

any help would be a great help



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