FYI for SATA cable for UP Squared

The SATA cable available in the up store (part #EP-UPSATAPACK02), which is a kit containing the SATA power lead and a SATA data cable, doesn't fit an UP Squared. Well the data cable doesn't. originally you could purchase just the power lead, but to get that cable it seems you need to buy the kit now. Anyway the data cable is a right angle type cable that runs into the network connector tower, and is not usable at all. If it was a right angle the other way you would not be able to use it in the aluminum enclosure. This needs to be a straight cable. Since previously you only got the power lead, which is the same as it was, I had already stocked up on slim straight short SATA data cables so it is not an issue for ME. But if anyone is purchasing this cable kit, be aware the data cable is useless.

250mm (5") slim straight data cables are readily available on Amazon as well as ebay and many other sources. I honestly don't think there is a price difference between the prior individual power lead and the newer kit. But even if there is it's still cheap enough that you probably can't make the power lead for what this kit cost, especially if ordered at the time of purchase of the board and, of course, you have a need for a SATA device. I personally run mirrored 1TB mSATA SSDs on mine all contained within the passive aluminum enclosure, which has made for a great solution for consoles for CNC routers, which are, by their nature, very dusty environments that will quickly kill any active fan system.