How to password protect BIOS and allow boot without user input?



I am using an UP board (UP-CHT01-A10-0216) with BIOS version UPC1DM25. The device is meant to be deployed and function without any user input. We have Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS running and it is the only OS that should be booted. For IP protection, we wanted to prevent people from booting a live USB and copying the flash from the UP board. So we enable BIOS user password to protect access to the BIOS. When the BIOS user password is enabled, the device does not boot automatically into the OS even though the OS is the only option to boot into in the boot order configuration. It halts for BIOS password before the OS is booted - thus requiring user intervention.

Can you recommend a way around this to prevent access to BIOS but also boot without user input?



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