Why are Intel Up Squared BIOS images 8MB and the Up images are 16MB?

r0h New Member Posts: 19
edited June 2022 in UP Squared BIOS & FPGA

The Intel BIOS images listed for the UP Squared here are 8MB

The images from UP here are 16MB.

The flash chip on my device is 16MB, so I think they should be 16MB, but I'm just wondering if the Intel ones are supposed to technically work if flashed with the dediprog? (Assuming I figure out whatever's going wrong in my other post )

p.s. these instructions on using the Dediprog to flash the UP Squared say that the BIOS update should be 8MB. Was there as SPI flash part update and therefore those instructions need revision (and is this 8 vs. 16MB perhaps part of the reason why this post says that the Intel images don't work anymore?)



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