About UP Squared boards display interface, Win10 license, battery

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Questions from our user~~

  1. What are the touch displays that can be connected, and on which interface?
  2. The Win 10 license is included, or can be bought from you?
  3. We would also like to know if the module can already manage a battery charge cycle for an external battery.

Ans1. UP Squared supports HDMI 1.4b and DP 1.2 for display. We don’t have support list of touch displays.
Ans2 Win10 license is not included, it can be purchased as an add-on, only when you buy the UP Squared board //https://up-shop.org/upsboardsandaddons.html
Ans3: we didn’t test battery charge via external battery. You’re welcome to give it a try. For UP board & UP squared, the 40pin HAT 5V pins (pin2, pin4) support both input and output, but 3.3V pins (pin1, pin17) can't be used for power input

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