Native Win32/Win64 SDK C++ samples missing SPI demo


In the native C++ samples for Windows there is no SPI demo and the SPI interface is missing in the aeonEAP.h header. Why?


  • camillus
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    Hi @g2as ,

    Can you check our repository, I can find it there.

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  • g2as
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    Hi Camilus,

    Thanks for the quick return.

    I'm aware of that repository and that app in particular. However, that is not what I asked for. UpSpiTestTool is a C# solution for the .NET framework, not a C++ app for the native Win32 lib, like the other two examples in that same repository: I2C and DIO.

    By the way, compiling the unmodified UpSpiTestTool sample with VS 2019, installing and running it on Windows IoT Enterprise LTSC crashes a few seconds after invoquing any of the comands like info.

    What I need, as a minimum, is the Header file for the native lib with SPI function prototypes.
    SPI is my second best option after the serial ports that also do not work in this version of windows. Others complaned about the dead serial ports in this version of windows, but so far there is only silence from your side.

    Al these problems cast a big shadow of doubt and uncertainty about the maturity of your libraries for any serious application.