Low Ethernet Speeds

Hello, I have an UP squared (Celeron & 2G Ram w/ 5.2 BIOS) that I have been having issues getting gigabit speeds on either of the ethernet NICs. Speed tops out at around 700mbps on both speedtest-cli and the browser version at https://www.speedtest.net/ . Ive tried both ubuntu 20 ( w/ default kernel, upboard kernel, and also ubuntu 20 edge kernel both with the default r8169 kernel module and then r8168-dkms) and fedora 34 and at multiple location on the network. A laptop can always get up into the 900's mbps when plugged into the same ports that Ive tried with the UP Squared. Originally I thought it was something with the power management system in Linux but I have disabled upowerd in systemd and also boot to the command line (so desktop power management wouldnt come into play) without any noticeable changes. Any help would be much appreciated


  • txDood
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    Update on this, I have tried a USB 3 ethernet adapter and was able to get up to 850mbps. Im starting to wondering if I have a bad unit or if this is due to the limits of the hardware

  • rogertsai(AAEON)
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    You can check whether the LAN speed in your UP^2 show "1000Mbps" Ethernet connection.
    If your UP^2 is hardwired to your hub/router, check the ethernet cable, or try using a different ethernet cable to check this issue.