step 1 of drivers install failed "system reboot is required to roll back changes made"

twingall1 New Member Posts: 2

Rebooted but still the same.

here is part of the error log for cherry trail:

01:00:53:595: E Uninstalling drivers that were previously pre-installed by DriverPackagePreInstall...
01:00:53:595: E Setup aborted!
01:00:53:595: m_nCurrentIndex : 4
01:00:53:642: Showing dialog: FINISH
01:01:02:126: Dumping MSI properties (0 total)
01:01:02:141: Exit code: 1602
01:01:02:141: >>> Log End

trying to update the bios on someone's suggestion but not recognizing the fat32 usb drive i've prepared with latest bios..

any help would be greatly appreciated


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