UpSquare: bluetooth covering range issue using QCA6175


On a recent up squared computer, I have installed the bointec module for the wifi and bluetooth. What is very very strange is that when the wifi connection is disabled, the bluetooth covering range decreases to less than 1 meter. When the wifi connection is used, though the bluetooth range is totally normal.

On a older version of the up-squared computer, this issue was not present.

What could be the root cause of this ?

Faulty configuration:
ubuntu: 16.04 LTS
kernel version: 4.4.0-157-generic
CPU: Celeron N3350
BIOS-version: UPA1AM50
WIFI/Bluetooth module:
Chipset: Qualcomm QCA6174A-5

Good configuration:
ubuntu: 16.04 LTS
kernel version: 4.4.0-131-generic
eMMC: SKHynix H26M64208EMA
CPU: Celeron N3350
BIOS-version: UPA1AM21
WIFI/Bluetooth module: Bointec DGF109A
Chipset: Qualcomm QCA6174A-5


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