How to operate GPIO on and off in sysfs.Please help me

NVStop New Member Posts: 1

I have an UP2 Intel N4200 evaluation board.I use Ubilinux sysfs shell can operate GPIO on and off,reference after I installed Ubuntu 18.04, in the same way, no error was reported on the shell command, but in fact GPIO did not work.
[root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio# echo 432 > export root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio# cd gpio432 root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio/gpio432# echo "out" > direction root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio/gpio432# cat value 0 root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio/gpio432# cat value 1 root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio/gpio432# echo 1 > value root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio/gpio432# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio gpiochip3: GPIOs 267-309, parent: platform/INT3452:03, INT3452:03: gpiochip2: GPIOs 310-356, parent: platform/INT3452:02, INT3452:02: gpiochip1: GPIOs 357-433, parent: platform/INT3452:01, INT3452:01: gpio-432 ( |sysfs ) out hi gpiochip0: GPIOs 434-511, parent: platform/INT3452:00, INT3452:00: root@test-UP-APL01:/sys/class/gpio/gpio432#

I really can’t find the problem point, how to operate GPIO on and off in sysfs.Please help me,Thank you



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