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Dear all.

I just bought UP Squared + NetPlus (i210). I successly installed Debian 10.7 and also Ubuntu 20.04. I succeed to connect to Wi-Fi on UP Squared but failed to connect to 4 i210s on NetPlus.

Here is the summary of lspci on Debian and also Ubuntu.

00:00.0 Host bridge
00:02.0 VGA
00:13.0 ~ 14.0 PCI bridge A #1 ~ 4 and B #1 ~ 2
00:15.0 USB controller
00:16.0 ~ 17.0 I2C Controllers
00:17.0 ~ 19.0 Signal processing controllers
00:1c.0 ~ 1e.0 SD Host controller
00:1f.0 ISA bridge
00:1f.1 SMBus

But I cannot see Intel i210 devices in the list.

Very interesting thing is, I can use USB port on NetPlus. So I thing the connect between UP Sqaured and NetPlus has no problem. But the problem is I cannot see i210 devices on lspci.

Is there any solution or hint to solve it?


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  • rogertsai(AAEON)
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    I'm confused. NetPlus is only for UP core Plus, not compatible with UP Squared.
    if you are using UP core Plus, please check whether Intel i210 is correctly detected by the MB and shown in BIOS
    Press Del to enter CRB BIOS settings with password “upassw0rd”, Main/CRB Setup/CRB Advanced

    PS, 1 I210 was broken so I have 3 I210 devices detected.

    Use lspci to list all PCI devices in ubuntu.



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