Support for Up-Board with Ubuntu 20.04LTS

muawijhemuawijhe New Member Posts: 2

first of all, congrats for the nice product :)

We are a SME operating within the Marine Robotics field. We are currently developing a monitoring sea buoy for emergency robotics scenario.

For the sea buoy (and to evaluate the solution for coming fleet of autonomous underwater systems) we bought the up-board.

First impression is very good and also performances testing compiling time of large ROS2 projects. However, I noticed that SPI is not properly detected.

Did I miss something?

I noticed that support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was scheduled for Q3 2020. What is the status?

I hope you can help me, our demonstration deadline is in December and we need SPI to enable voltage monitoring onboard of the sea buoy through a raspberry-shield using both SPI and I2C (io explorer from abelectronics).

We already successfully used the shield in a raspberry pi 4 project (the rugged portable control station of this project). However, in the long term we would like to consider migration to x64 for all the subsystems.

Hope to receive help soon,

Vincenzo Calabrò


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,132 admin

    Hello @muawijhe

    We are glad that you like our product and thanks for sharing the information about your project/use case.

    Do you currently have the basic UP Board? If so, in order to have SPI enabled, you simply need to follow the instructions to install our kernel:

    you should see the spidevice right after reboot.

    If you have instead the newer and more powerful products like UP Squared and UP Xtreme, you would need to install ACPI override via script as describe in the hardware/pinout section of our wiki.

    For the 5.4 kernel release and support of Ubuntu 20.04 (and also available for Ubuntu 18.04) we encountered some delays initially for issues to resolve while porting our UP specific patches and now further delays to rebase the kernel to the latest which includes the fixes for the high severity Bluetooth issues discovered recently by Intel and Google which affects all Linux kernels.

    The 5.4 kernel and support for Ubuntu 20.04, if no more issue are found, will be released in a couple of weeks.

  • muawijhemuawijhe New Member Posts: 2

    Hello @DCleri
    any update on Ubuntu 20.04 Kernel support?

    We are worried we could not complete the coming experiment and we will consequently abandon the idea of using this nice product :neutral: I really hope you can help us in solving this issue asap, as we are planning to use this class of products in future product lines as well .

    I can provide you additional contact details to close the loop faster.

    Let me know

  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,132 admin

    We are in the process of releasing the kernel, our internal testing is almost complete.

    @muawijhe I have also responded to you via private message

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