Upgrade to Windows 10

BeldaBirkeBeldaBirke New Member Posts: 1

Hello friends
I am currently using windows 7 and encountering the error of not playing music. So I want to upgrade to Windows 10, can I play music? Can anybody answer for me.
Thank you very much

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  • jaymanjayman New Member Posts: 18

    Depends on your BIOS settings. Are you seeing any audio devices in Device Manager?

    I didn't think Windows 7 was even supported on UP Xtreme??

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 33 ✭✭

    I have a) UP-Board w/ 4GB and 32GB eMMc running WIN10Pro, b)UP-Core w/ High Speed Carrier Board, 4GB and 64GB eMMc running WIN10Home. Both UP's have Bluetooth for Audio. Rather than Audio via HDMI. I watch (in the USA) tv.youtube.com on both UP's. When
    playing Audio from a Playlist you can Turn-Off the HDMI Display and just listen to Music via Bluetooth. If I started Again, I would just get
    UP-Boards(w/64GB), add (a) Wireless Keyboard/Trackpad (b) Bluetooth Dongle (noob). BTW rather than get a WiFi Mesh setup for faster(?) Streaming, I just use RJ-45 Wired LAN.

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