UP Squared with Ubuntu RPi.GPIO not working


Hey everyone,

I have an UP Squared with Ubuntu 18.04.
I want to run python code that worked on a raspberry pi, but on the UP Squared i get the following error message.

I thought that the UP Squared used the same GPIO pins as the raspberry pi, how does it come that this package is not working on my UP Squared?
Anybody any ideas to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • DJac
    DJac New Member Posts: 5

    Hey DCleri thanks for your answer.
    Our kernel version is: 5.3.0, in the wiki it is 5.0.0.
    When we try to change the kernel we get the following message:

    So we are not fond of going through with this, because we are afraid to damage our system.
    Are there other options or is this the only way?
    Is it ok to remove the kernel?

  • DJac
    DJac New Member Posts: 5

    We took the risk to change the kernel, but it didn't make a difference.
    Still the same error.