What it the best way to install "UpFrameworkSetup.zip" for Windows 10 IoT Core?

jletbetter New Member Posts: 5

Hello. I recently installed the drivers from "UpFrameworkSetup.zip" into an Up^2 running Windows 10 IoT Core by copying the files over and running the following Powershell command.
devcon install \windows\system32\upframework.inf root\upframework
This resulted in the following warning which makes me wonder if this should be installed as part of the base image or using some other process? Thanks for any help you can offer.

********************************** WARNING **********************************
This Devcon command should only be used for development/testing purposes.
Driver package INF files should be added/updated into the offline OS image
using the supported offline package deployment process in order to ensure
that they are properly configured and integrated into the Windows OS state.
Updating driver package INF files from within the runtime environment of
this OS product may lead to unexpected OS state conflicts, resulting in the
inability to apply future updates to core OS components and/or drivers on
retail/consumer systems.
********************************** WARNING **********************************