Overvoltage (12v) in Upboard - How to recover data

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I, unfortunately, overvoltaged the board with 12v. I was able to boot a couple of times but now the screen appears completely black all the time when I power it. I noticed that when I booted the consumption was 2Amps and now it just consumes 1 amp.

I found two questions about the same topic https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/2069/now-that-i-fried-my-only-up-board , https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/comment/8806#Comment_8806 and it seems that there is not any possibility to recover the board.

I am trying to read how to (somehow) recover the information in the eMMC. is it possible? I hope there is a way of entering to some recovery mode with minimal usage to read the eMMC content.

Any advice will be appreciated.

EDIT: I am trying to move the post to the right forum but I cannot, I am referring to this version of UpBoard https://www.mouser.es/ProductDetail/AAEON-UP/UP-CHT01-A22-0432-A11?qs=XeJtXLiO41S0JpGxYUwwTg==&vip=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpfHzBRCiARIsAHHzyZp5Xa62d5NyrGmaaJTqPYxNenGVujjHTFcOzXlk02nNI2dJcbBT8uQaAuaZEALw_wcB


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