UP Squared Won't Boot (Only Blue Led) - Removed power during boot

I'm using my UP2 in a robot and was trying to make the whole set up battery powered. I used a LiPo battery with a Buck converter to step down the voltage and amps to 5V 6A to power the board only. When running programs which have heavy GPU usage my board suddenly shut down and reboot after ~30 seconds (Not sure if this was due to power consumption issues or settings - other users reported similar problems). One of these times, I accessed the board through ssh (so couldn't see the status of the screen), the board crashed and started rebooting and I think I removed the power jack during the boot process.

The board will no longer start up. The blue led is constantly on but my usb keyboard won't turn on and nothing is displayed through HDMI or display port. I've tried unplugging the RTC battery but that didn't fix it. Is my only option to reflash the BIOS? Any ways to fix this? Thanks!


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    The problem you are facing is similar to what other people have when powering the system by Battery/battery circuit which are not properly sized for the power requirements of the board.
    I think the battery and circuit you used didn't manage to provide a stable enough voltage to the board during spikes of current required for example during GPU processing.

    About the board being stuck, please remove the RTC battery and everything unplugged for some time, then reconnect the battery and power the board from a standard PSU (not LiPo battery/circuit).