How to get stable behavior for Up2 with Win10 or Ubuntu?


I likely bought one of the first Up-Squared board (4Gb 32 Gb UPS-APLP4). I did not have time to set it up (a long time) until this week. I am having all sorts of problems with it. I lost confidence in it, and I am seeking assistance from superusers like you. I tried Win10 (the latest version Nov 2019). Sometimes it installs ok, but I have to use the regedit to change the setup/status to 3 to continue with the setup. Win10 Setup keeps saying "The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error." When Win10 finally installs, the drivers for Win10 provided by Up2 simply do not work. It seems to me it makes the system more unstable. The graphics driver is a waste of time. It crashes Win10 all the time. I spent 3 days installing Win10 (likely 20 times on the eMMC or on an M.2) and read/watched many videos online. I gave up on Win10. I installed Ubuntu. It does install ok, but it is impossible to follow the wiki guidelines. Ubuntu installs Kernel 5 and it is nearly impossible to go back to Kernal 4.15 as suggested in the wiki, which needs some update. The "sudo apt-get autoremove --purge 'linux-.*generic'" simply does not work. Ubuntu works better than Win10, though, it seems more stable, but in the end, it is also unreliable. Up2 blips (sudden crash, almost like a loss of power), then boots up again. I wonder if anyone is being able to use this Up2 reliably and for a long period of time. If you have suggestions, I will be pleased to read/hear it. Thanks.


  • orli
    orli New Member Posts: 2

    Yes. I am using BIOS 5.

  • garyw
    garyw New Member, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 82 admin

    Windows 10 and Ubuntu are easy to install on UP2 and very stable with whole new installation on eMMC or SDD,
    when windows 10 crash please take a screenshot then we can help to check the possible reason.

    Our wiki guideline sudo apt-get autoremove --purge 'linux-.*generic' is no problem, please make sure you have selected "no" when abort kernel removal pop up(default is yes).

  • matt3_
    matt3_ New Member Posts: 4

    Hi All

    Orli, I'm having the same exact problem. I've been trying to install Win10 on an UP2 for a few days now with various results. The main issue is rebooting. It keepings going in to the recovery screen at boot time. Then randomly, I get to load Windows but when in Windows, it crashes and the whole reboot process starts.
    Is there a step by step doc showing how to install Windows?
    I want to use the UP2 board as a web server with IIS installed.


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    We cannot replicate that behavior with out testing.

    Is it possible to provide more details?

    Board Type: CPU, RAM, eMMC size
    BIOS Version:
    if Windows, Build version (GPU driver version)
    if Ubuntu, OS version and Kernel version (uname -a)
    Peripherals connected
    Power Supply used

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