working Up2 board stopped working - no more blue light

a perfectly working board stopped working after I removed the power connector to use elsewhere then reconnected... blue light is off but it is powering my external usb hub (it has its own blue light) ... what is the issue? is there a fuse? this is frustrating as I just receive a new board for a two board demo and the old one dies just with unplug / plug ...ugh...


  • Aling
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    @KahrenA Can you give more detailed information? Did you power your board with a 5V@6A power adapter or from an external USB hub? If you power it from USB hub, it won't provide a stable power source.

  • mschoenebeck
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    I've got the exact same problem. Board stopped working all of a sudden. No blue led anymore. I only used the original power adapter. When I plug it in I noticed the ethernet leds flare up for a fraction of a second. Also I measured 5v on the corresponding gpio pin but no blue led and no booting... Is it broken?