UPSquare additional HDD Hard Drive by SATA3

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Hi all!

I have an UpSquare(aaeon) and my operating system in it is Ubuntu-16.04.
I want to add my UpSquare a new hard drive([seagate HDD]) via on SATA3 plug on UpSquare.

But when I tried to power my Hard Drive and plug in to UpSquare via on SATA3, I couldnt see my harddrive on Disks interface on Ubuntu. I also tried to change bios SATA enable/disable selections to enable but still nothing.

My question is that: How can I add an additional harddrive to my UpSquare via on SATA3?.


  • DCleri
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    Please make sure both SATA cable and SATA Power cable are connected.

    If the disk was never used before, it is probably not formatted nor it has partitions.

    I would suggest to install via apt the Gparted application and use that to select, partition and format the new disk.

  • yunus_acz
    yunus_acz New Member Posts: 17

    Thanks for your reply.

    I can hear the motor voice of harddrive so I am sure about power cable but I dont know how to besure about SATA data cable because I dont see any harddrive when I used the ubuntu disks management interface.

    I will try to format hard drive again but I dont think so the problem is about that. At least I expect that to see on my ubuntu there is a device connected to SATA plug.

    On the other hand, by using bios I enabled all disabled selections of SATA parts.

    Should I install something specifically to be able to use hard drive via on SATA? or should the upsquared detect automatically when the hard drive plugged upsquared?

  • DCleri
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    Hi @yunus_acz

    Make sure the SATA is set for the external port and not the mSATA port.

    there is nothing else needed at OS level