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I purchase an UP board as a part of the Robotics Development Kit (SKU:953143) from Intel Click store (Order# CLK00226215) on 08/15/2017. I only had only one opportunity to power on the board, and it has been sitting in my hobby box ever since. I did not install the operating system to date. Finally, I got over the inertia and tried to install Ubilinux. When I powered the board, I could not see anything on the HDMI screen. The fan and blue LED seem to turn on.

Has my board gone bad? I am surprised that the board can go bad even without doing anything. My Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone have gone through a similar treatment, but they seem to work just fine. Is there a way to revive the board, or is fit for a paperweight now?

I noticed that this board has a BIOS/CMOS battery unlike my Pi/Bealgebone - is there a likely hood that the board will not boot if the battery is dead? I thought a dead battery should atleast show me the UP splash screen on boot until POST.

I know its late, but is there a way I can request an RMA from AAEON(ASUS) or INTEL? Since I bought this from Intel Click store, I am totally confused about what to do! Feels like 230$ down the drain :(

Any help, inputs or suggestions to revive the board will be helpful.

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  • Sam V
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    Its interesting to see that there is no response whatsoever on this topic. Anyway, I figured out that this is something to do with BIOS configuration for the north bridge. I was using a panel (1024x600) over HDMI and apparently, one need to tinker the BIOS to support. I have now convinced myself that I am never going to buy an UP product ever again!

  • snuhg
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    Maybe too early to give up just yet. It could be an unfortunate compatibility issue with this particular display. Do you have another display to try?

  • ApeiChen
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    Have you cross tested your monitor?

    Have you checked your adapter is 5V4A?

    The CMOS battery just save the CMOS data, even you remove it, the UP board is still bootable.

    If you confirm that your board meet some defect, please apply RMA from this page.

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