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My UP board is basically unusable recently because anything I do with any browser (firefox, chrome, opera) causes it to crash and reboot. It started about 2 months ago and has progressively got worse. It started with Ubuntu 16, I upgraded to 17 and now 18.04 and none of the upgrades have changed anything. It is running kernel 4.15.0-52-generic. I couldn't even write this post using the UP because it would crash and reboot. Any ideas? Anyone else having similar problems?



  • DenonDenon New Member Posts: 6

    This need to be moved to Linux section. I posted in the wrong section.

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    How did you do the upgrade to newer versions of Ubuntu? Upgrades via apt-get package manager do sometimes mess things up. If possible, try a clean new install of 18.04 (use the option to erase the existing OS on the hard disk). If that does not fix it, test another power supply.

  • DenonDenon New Member Posts: 6

    I ordered a new beefier power supply for it today. Note: The problem started before any of the updates back with Ubuntu 16.04. The upgrades I don't believe are the problem. I'll find out next week if the new power supply fixes the problem.

  • DenonDenon New Member Posts: 6

    new Power supply seems to have solved the problem. WooHoo!!

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