Sata port/controller hot plug support UPS-APLP4-A10-0864

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Hi all,

does the sata port/controller of the UP Squared Pentium Quad Core 8GB memory/64GB eMMC (Intel N4200) support HOT PLUG?

I need to attach the device to the sata port after the system is up (Windows 10), so I'd like to know before I purchase the board.



  • rogertsai(AAEON)
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    Yes, the SATA port hot plug is supported on UP^2, and you will just need to enable SATA hot plug in BIOS,
    After entering the BIOS setup, please go to the "Chipset" --> "South Bridge" --> "SATA Configuration" ---> Enabled to "SATA Port 0 Hot Plu"

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