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Using the UP CORE PLUS video DP connector, it runs ok using a DP-DP cable, driving a pc DP video input monitor. But using a DP-HDMI active conversor cable, it doesn´t work. The cable is ok because it works from a DP video out PC to a HDMI video input monitor. Trying with another DP-HDMI video canversor cable (different manufacturer), and the same, it works ok betweeen pc and monitor but not between CORE PLUS DP video out and HDMI monitor.
Any help will be wellcome.


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 599 admin

    Hi @Earsistemas

    We have tested some DP to HDMI converters and they were working fine. Unfortunately we cannot try all the converters available so it might happen that some are not working.

    Have you tried also with the same adapter a different monitor?

  • EarsistemasEarsistemas New Member Posts: 14

    yes we have tried 2 different DP to HDMI converter cables, and they work ok with different HDMI monitors and DP video sources. The only DP port they don´t work is the UP CORE PLUS DP port.

    Please, could you tell me the DP to HDMI converters you tried and were fine?

    One more question. In the UPC-PLUS Maker Board manual, in the DP port description, pin 14 and pin 15 are the same signal: DDI1_AUXP_C. Is that a mistake? We have tried to convert the DP video signal to HDMI video signal using the MAX9406 from Maxim, and it doesn´t work either.

    At this moment, the only way to see video out from the UPC-PLUS is using a DP input video monitor and a cable DP-DP.


  • EarsistemasEarsistemas New Member Posts: 14

    The DP port, is it DP or DP++?

  • SashaBeSashaBe New Member Posts: 12

    The same issue, fortunately, we have got a DP input monitor, but it is not very comfortable.
    I'm trying to understand the possible reason for such behavior. Accidentally I have got disassembled DP-HDMI converter and probed some circuits by the oscilloscope and multimeter.
    At the moment I've investigated that DP_PWR, named +3.3V in the manual, provides 3.08V which still fits the tolerance of 3.3±10%.
    14 and 15 pins are not actually connected together, although the manual says they do.
    DDI1_HPD is 0 while the monitor is not connected, and becomes 1 when it was connected.

    Looks like not enough data for any kind of findings, but maybe hardware developers could comment this.

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