On delivery: No boot. Next steps?

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This is a copy from post to question from 'scottie4442: I plugged video and power in and nothing'. As no answer/steps were posted I'll post it again as a separate discussion.

Does anybody else have same issues?

I waited several months to receive the Up Core Plus from Kickstarter and on the first try I just get a blue LED lighting and no other sign of life. (Connected the power supply as delivered alongside with the Up board and attached a display to the DP - pressing the power button shortly or longer does not help) At least I was expecting to see a kind of BIOS boot image or text, but nothing. Furthermore, is there any How-To or Wiki for the Core Plus? Can't find anything related or specific for the Plus, only for the 'old' Up Core... I also tried to remove and reattach the coin cell battery as suggested for the Up Core, but also without help, still same behavior.
Am I still missing something?

Would appreciate any pointers to debug/triage the issue. And please update the Wiki for Core Plus as well. Looks like I'm not the only one having such an issue (check post from scottie4442). Thanks

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