[SOLVED] GPIO on up2 board doesn't respond

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I have an up2 board (8 GB RAM, 64GB eMMC). I folow an exmaple described here https://wiki.up-community.org/Pinout_UP2#GPIO trying to blink one of bard's LEDs. However nothing blinks, what is the problem?

My Kernel version is: 4.15.0-29-generic
OS: Ubuntu

All patchs like /sys/class/gpio (the one from example) are there so I assumed the kernel is ok right?

In case the kernel is wrong, do you have any guide how to write module for this GPIO to control it?




  • Mondo
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    Ok I installed different kernel, namely linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04-upboard and it works now as expected. Now, I would like to play a bit with it and as a first step I would like to write a driver for these gpio pins. Where can I find a guide, docuemntation & source code of the driver?

  • ccalde
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    Hi @Mondo

    From your UP board, once you have installed the UP specific Ubuntu Kernel 4.15: https://wiki.up-community.org/Ubuntu

    sudo apt-get source linux-hwe

    There you will get the source code for the driver.


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