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connect external display equipped with DisplayPort port (eDP->HDMI)

SFR75SFR75 New Member Posts: 2


I'm looking for a single board computer, which can drive a screen via DisplayPort. The display itself is 1920x1920 (eizo square) and it works fine when connected to desktop PC. So my question is, if I take eDP-DisplayPort cable (exists, right?) and connect UpBoard to monitor, would it be the same situation as with desktop (windows10) ?



  • SFR75SFR75 New Member Posts: 2

    Actually I made mistake in the subject: It should read eDP->DisplayPort and NOT eDP->HDMI

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Not too sure what Form-Factor? (type of Connector) eDP comes in? Have a Intel NUC (circa 2015) i7 PC w/ mini-DSP (Display Port) -going-to-HDMI (via an Adapter) . Also have an UP Board (4GB-RAM, 32GB eMMC, WIN10) using on-Board HDMI. Had to use BT noob
    (BlueTooth USB Noob) to Get Audio. Not too certain whether Up Board's HDMI contains Audio, so I bypassed the Issue by using BT. Just
    ordered an UP Core (4GB-RAM, 64GB eMMC, aim to load WIN10). AAR What is a 1920x1920 (eizo Square) Display-Monitor?
    Bottom Line: What do you want to do? email me at [email protected] BTW maybe eDP come off the "Headers" on the UP Board?
    UP is not so great WRT Documentation

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Just had a Thought. Maybe eDP (Form Factor) is a Laminated Flat Ribbon Cable (typically used in Laptops). Had/Have a Pi-Top CEED Display Enclosure for Rasp-PI 3 SBC (Single Board Computer) that has such a laminate Connector, Fits an Up Board also. Unfortunately had a problem with said Pi-Top CEED. The Manufacturer sent me 2 (Good) Replacement MoBo (small MotherBoard) to effect repair.
    Have not had the Time to further Trouble-Shoot . Can send you Pic of MoBo. Maybe you use one. The MoBo needs 19Vdc Input (I think this like a typical Laptop Power Brick). This MoBo takes full-size HDMI and also connects to a LCD Display (via a eDP? flat Laminate Ribbon Cable).

  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,146 admin

    It won't be easy and we haven't tested any adapter of that type.

    The easy option is to buy a board which includes a DP output:

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    WRT DCleri Comment: I guess that (from UP-Connectors_de...pdf) CN31 is NOT DSI or eDP port? Correct? BTW this e-Forum is very well organized and run'd. Compliments to DCleri.

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Another Thought. Like I said in my first 01APR2020 Comment: that I use a mini-DisplayPort-to-(full-size)HDMI-Adapter. Maybe SFR can get an Adapter that goes in the Reverse Direction. I don't remember who the Manufacturer of my Adapter (I found it on a (USA) AMTRAK
    Train). I can look if need be. That being said, going from HDMI (from say UP Board) 1920?x1024? TO SFR's Display 1920x1920 the Display may(?) look Distorted and/or Cropped?

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Sorry to dominate this discussion. BUT after examining my Monologue, I might suggest 1) Buy any UP Board w/ HDMI. 2) Buy a Belkin F2CD004B . I think the F2CD004B will go from: HDMI. to: Display-Port. However there is a Q about whether the UP-Board has AUDIO?
    or Not? I bypassed any Hard Work WRT HDMI-Audio by using a BT (Blue-Tooth) Solution.

  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,146 admin

    Audio is available through HDMI so your adapter would need also a audio jack out or the DP screen should be audio capable if you need.

    The F2CD004B you suggested is DP to HDMI. I am not sure it can work the other way around. It would need to be tested

  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Thx DCleri. You are very knowledgeable. has a Product ID 103069-Black Adapter $39.99 (USD) that appears to go: From HDMI-to-DisplayPort. BTW thx for info on CN31 on the UP-Board. It is Not a Direct Connection to eDP. One appears to need an adapter. But this issue is Moot b/c SFR75 mistook DisplayPort for eDP. But the info about CN31 is GTK. (Good To Know)

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