RE: Input Voltage Tolerances - What are the min and max voltages for this device?

Hi, I know this is a 12V device, but what are the maximum and minimum voltages the device will operate with.

Could I use a 4S lithium polymer battery (min 12V max 16.8V) to drive the UP CORE PLUS directly?



  • Jason SchreiberJason Schreiber New Member Posts: 18

    any info available??

  • Michael McCoolMichael McCool New Member Posts: 19

    I would NOT use a 4S Li-Ion battery. The upper voltage will likely be significantly outside the board tolerances.

    A 3S Li-Ion seems to work. This swings between 9.9V and 12.6V. The upper voltage is only 5% over and this should be well within normal design tolerances. The board seems to also tolerate the lower voltage. I'm running an UP Core Plus off a 3S and so far have not had any problems.

    Disclaimer: I am not an Aaeon employee, so take the above with a grain of salt. Also, if you see multiple versions of this post, my apologies, there were some issues with the forum making my posts disappear.

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