[SOLVED] RPI HAT compatibility

FPSychoticFPSychotic New Member Posts: 9
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Will work in up board those e-ink displays and sensors and HAT for RPI? Can you please, as I'm a beginner , what I need to make the work? Recompile the kernel or just install drivers. Last, can I follow the tutorials for rpi to install that drivers?


  • ccaldeccalde Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 297 admin

    Hi @FPSychotic ,

    First at all, I would recommend you to download the hardware specifications for UP board:
    Then, check the compatibility with your RPI hardware like pinout, power, etc.

    Also, you should install Ubuntu 16 with the official 4.15 kernel for UP:
    And you could get the drivers used by your RPI hardware and check if they are available in the UP kernel.

  • FPSychoticFPSychotic New Member Posts: 9

    Thanks a lot for your answers is very diffult start in this hobby XD.
    Just one question more, is possible install the 4.15 kernel and recompiling it with modules or drivers (I dont know exactly what is the difference) that are not buildt in from default?
    Again, thanks by your time.

  • ccaldeccalde Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 297 admin

    Hi @FPSychotic ,

    From Launchpad, you will get the kernel integrated with upboard modules, ready to working on board.
    If you want to get the kernel and recompile it with new changes, you could donwload the sources files and build locally in your side:

    Search for the linux-hwe_4.10.0-42.5000~upboard11.tar.gz package. It would be enough to recompile the kernel.

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