[SOLVED] Not Getting Any Sound Card for Alsa In Up board Audio HAT ( Ubuntu 16.04 )

hemilhemil New Member Posts: 5
edited May 2019 in UP Board Linux

I have recently purchased Up Board with Up Board Audio HAT and as connected both the devices and trying to play audio in Ubuntu 16.04, but found that no audio is coming out from Up Board Audio HAT (3.5 mm jack).

I have listed out the audio cards present in ALSA using aplay -l, and i have found card 0 with 3 sub-devices of Intel-HDMI/DP LPE Audio and card 1 with 2 sub-devices of bytcht-nocodec (not sure if these are sub-devices of audio HAT).

I have tried to play audio from HDMI card 0 with all the different sub-devices and found that only from sub-device 2 we are able to get sound rest 2 are nor working.And card 1 is totally not working.

So, Kindly help me out to get sound in Up Board Audio HAT with Ubuntu. The IC used in the device is Realtek ALC5672.


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