can i flash kickstarter version of up squared with newest bios?

Marian New Member Posts: 16

and if yes would it solve my emmc problem described below?

To resolve the 128 eMMC timeout issue, a setting in the BIOS needs to be adjusted

In the BIOS menu under Chipset, please adjust the eMMC Max Speed from HS400 to DDR50

The reason for this is because the 128GB eMMC is from SanDisk, and the flash controller that SanDisk uses require the Speed to be DDR50, the end result is a slower eMMC read/write performance comparing to other brands such as Hynix or Samsung.

We have highlighted this issue to SanDisk and there is no resolution, therefore, we have decided for MP version of UP2, we will use Samsung for the 128GB SKU. We have tested the Samsung 128GB on UP2 and it runs at HS400 (EMMC 5.1) for all different OS such as Windows/Linux/Android.

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