Recovering HDMI display after headless boot

DoNcKDoNcK Posts: 4New Member

Hi there !

After booting headless, how to recover HDMI display ? (without rebooting)
I tried to connect my display and the screen enters powersave mode.
I know the board is running fine as I can access the desktop through VNC.

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  • ccaldeccalde Posts: 199New Member, Emutex mod

    Hi @DoNcK ,

    You should be able to get the HDMI port working with your UP, just connecting the powered display.
    If you don't get it, you could try pressing any key from your USB keyboard to wake up the board.


    I have the same issue. If there is no monitor hooked up to the upboard when it first boots up, nothing outputs via the hdmi port when I plug in a monitor later. The only way I have found to get anything out of the hdmi is to have the monitor hooked up on boot. Are there any bios changes that can be made to modify this behavior. I have tried with multiple upboards and multiple monitors.

  • Jesse KaukonenJesse Kaukonen Posts: 41New Member ✭✭

    I have also seen this - the HDMI cable must be connected at boot. However, UART cables can be plugged in after boot to gain access to the system.

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