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i2c pullups


Trying to integrate the up2 with i2c devices, and running into issues with communication. What are the internal pullups set to on the i2c lines. Where can I set these, or how can they be changed? For a board designed for the maker community this should be basic information that is necessary to utilize it. Unfortunately with no specifications or schematics available, it is nearly impossible to use this board.


  • DV01D
    DV01D New Member Posts: 13

    Any update here?

  • pinyo
    pinyo New Member Posts: 2

    I have an Up-Board which is similar but not the same to your board. You can measure the external pull-up resistors with a multimeter via resistance metering. You have to disconnect the power supply of the board then connect one of the probes of the multimeter to the 3V3. The other probe has to be connected to the SDA then the SCL pins on the 40-pin header.
    In my case the resistance of the external pull-ups are 2k2.

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