Up Squared Cannot bootup again after shutdown


Hi all,

I just bought an Up2 board for my project prototype and trying to use it from last week. I'm using an adapter rating 5V/6A as the power for my Up2 board.
But I encountered a strange problem. The board only works properly when I power-up it at first time in the morning. But it cannot power-up again if I power off and on it again. No LEDs light up and nothing shown on the screen. The situation will stay the same to several hours later or even the next day.

I had tried to loosen the screws for heat sink and press reset button for 10 sec, but it stays the same.

Anyone know what should I do? Thank for your help.



  • suryender
    suryender New Member Posts: 6

    I am also facing the same issue, it was working fine at first time, next time when i again powered it up, it doesn't turn up. Only one blue led is glowing. It doesn't show anything.

    If you have got any success in troubleshooting this issue please share with me also. Thanks in advance.


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