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Up hardware selection

I am looking at the UP squared. But the assembly is not completly clear to me, therefore some questions. I hope you can answer them so I can continue with the order.

UP squred model:
UP Squared Pentium Quad Core 8GB memory/128GB eMMC
Reference: RE-UPS-APLP4-A10-08128

Because the m.2 2280 AI is not available I would like to install de ssd on that M2 place.
Is the M2 2280 SSD compatible? Some advice?
It should fit, but I can not see it on the picture of:

Can you confirm that it will fit and work with this config change?

Active or passive cooling? I prefer the alu case, is it with 30W max consumed power ok in such a small casing?
I don't prefer the ABS case with the active cooling.

So will the config work as mentioned:
-UP Squared Pentium Quad Core 8GB memory/128GB eMMC (Ref: RE-UPS-APLP4-A10-08128)
-M.2 2280 SATA SSD (some where to buy)
-mPCIe UP AI Core (Ref: PER-TAIC-A10-001)
-passive cooled case: UP Squared fanless chassis with VESA mounting plate (Ref: EP-CHUPSMTVAUPS)
-UP Squared power supply [email protected] (Ref: EP-PS5V6A65WUPS)

Kind regards,


  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 550Administrator, AAEON admin

    Hi jkogles,

    The M.2 slot available on UP Squared supports only WiFi/BT modules (e-key).

    If you want to use an additional drive (other than the integrated 128GB eMMC), you can use an external USB3.0 SSD, or the standard SATA port or the mSATA on the miniPCIe slot (in that case you won't be able to fit the AI Core).

    If you intend to use for power intensive applications I would suggest to get the optional active cooling and ABS

  • jkogelsjkogels Posts: 2New Member

    Hello DCIeri,
    Thanks for your response. Good advise I will use to select the UP2 board.
    Kind regards,

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