Oh NO!!!! 24v 5.5mm plugged in to up squared

Eric New Member Posts: 16

I was re-organizing a desk and a 24v 5.5 power plug was accidentally plugged into the up : (

It was like this for maybe 20 seconds unit it was noticed and then unplugged....

I plugged the correct 5v plug in and the blue light comes on, but the up is otherwise unresponsive (no boot/startup).

I'm hoping there is there some form of overvoltage protection and/or component on the board that might have sacrificed itself to save the guts...

Can someone from Up/Aaeon provide some insight as to whether the unit is cooked?

I have access to proper smt rework equipment and can replace specific components.



  • Kurt
    Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭

    I hope you have some good luck!

    I did something similar with my first UP board (not UP2), and plugged in 12V. I ended up replacing the board.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • rps
    rps New Member Posts: 1

    Bump in the hopes there will be some answer!
    Plugged 12V into the board, now got the same symptons as described above.
    I read somewhere else there's supposed to be a fused overvoltage-protection on the boards, but am not sure if they are only there to protect the periphery or the board itself or where these components would be located.

  • nukular
    nukular New Member Posts: 61 ✭✭✭

    Since there has been no official response to this or similar threads so far, I would not count on getting official help here.
    If you have (access to) the equipment that is required to fix this, I would suggest just trying to fix it yourself. If you have the equipment you should also have the knowledge (otherwise, why would you need the equipment?) ;)

  • jahredibanez
    jahredibanez New Member Posts: 2

    Hi does anyone know what is the maximum allowable continuous voltage input?

  • brbzjl
    brbzjl New Member Posts: 1

    hi did you finally find a solution to this problem? I just made the same stupid error.

  • ed123
    ed123 New Member Posts: 2

    Hi there, I have done the same stupid error with a 12V power supply. I had burned plastic smells. I suppose that the power stage might be fried. But mayber there might be a chance to replace it?

  • fantuan
    fantuan New Member Posts: 3

    Same mistake here. Looks there is no solution?


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