How can i boot on PXE ?

toto2dev New Member Posts: 1


I'm starting deployment testing via pxe of an upboard, but I can not deploy a simple sysrescuecd image.

I modified my infrastructure that works in pxe legacy (adding the appropriate syslinux files) but I suspect that the upboard squared needs something more.

Do you have a tutorial or a link to a step-by-step explanation of a dnsmasq-based solution using syslinux with this map?


PS : it seems that I am wrong category, an administrator could move my question in the appropriate category for Squared UPboard?


  • Twilimark
    Twilimark New Member Posts: 2

    Well you need to make sure that your UPboard has the correct BIOS that supports PXE boot .
    Next, you have to remember that the board does not boot with legacy, since it uses the only UEFI. You may need to make an answer file for your board for x86 and x64 and have your deployment support Legacy and UEFI.

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